“We are insurers” “We are a family of insurers”

Our family’s insurance past has started with the leadership of our founder Dr. Alaattin Büyükkaya in 1973. His interest in the sector lead him to have masters and doctorate degrees in insurance and expectedly following this date, the name “Büyükkaya” had a considerable impact and effect on every innovation and positive change in the Turkish insurance sector

Our family” attained our goals by having extensive experience in every level of insurance business including high level corporate management and founding and managing an insurance company

These experiences have been printed in book form “Memoirs of a Insurance Master Dr. Alaattin Büyükkya – You shall Not Walk Alone” thereby made a permanent record.

Today, we proudly claim to be experts “only” in this sector and serve our over 50.000 insured clients.

We have not only started for the first time in Turkey, the micro-finance project by the leadership of our partner Prof. Dr. Aziz Akgül and but also added the micro-insurance module to this project and created a globally innovative and ground breaking concept. We are happy to announce that almost one hundred thousand women of modest means are able to look at the future with more confidence.

On the other hand, our expert cadres also look at the future with confidence and peace when each and every morning we open the doors of our headquarters in Eyüp, at the heart of the old business center of Istanbul to our clients

We are also a member of Global Broking Network (GBN)and serve our clients on any location on the planet with our offices in America, Europe and Central Asia.

Yes, “we are insurers”

We are an international insurance and reassurance broker.

As our founder quoted:

“A good broker is the one who listens, understands the clients and create an insurance programmes after evaluating their needs.

The broker, first and foremost, must assess the risks of the client and offer economical solutions. Also the broker must be following the evolving needs of the client and make alternative offers.

We are a family of insurers, we are proudly serving our clients for over 40 years. We are a respected member of the insurance sector with our national and international experience and proficiency.

In short, our sole business is insurance. This is our job and this claim is our security to our client.

We shall continue to be so.”

Dr. Alaattin Büyükkaya